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Exporting Tiles from Iran to Russia

Exporting Tiles from Iran to Russia
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The export of tiles from Iran to Russia is an essential aspect of the trade relationship between the two countries. Iran has a strong tile and ceramics market, which provides Russian traders and buyers with an excellent opportunity to obtain the tiles they require at the best quality and price without having to resort to more expensive European tiles. Recently, Russia has become one of the most prominent export destinations for Iran’s tiles. Iranian businesses are keen to export tiles to Russia and participate in exhibitions held in this country. Russia offers a 25% discount on customs tariffs for Iran and other developing countries, which is a significant advantage for exporting tiles to Russia.


Strategies in importing tiles from Iran

The export of tiles to Russia can be a lucrative market, but success requires careful consideration of the right solutions. Currently, tile exports to Russia account for only $247,581, which is a mere 0.06% of Iran’s total tile exports to other countries. This presents an opportunity to establish a thriving market for Iranian tiles in Russia, which is currently not saturated.

The critical factor for success in importing tiles from Iran  is to be familiar with their culture and business practices. To achieve this, it is essential to invest sufficient time in getting to know Iranian tile manufacturers and business partners. Alternatively, you can gain knowledge of the Iranian tile market by connecting with suitable suppliers of Iranian tiles and top manufacturers.

When it comes to customs regulations and shipping, it is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that your shipment clears customs and is delivered quickly and safely. Araz Tile is one of the top suppliers of Iranian tiles, with over ten years of experience and expertise in tile exports. They can offer you a free consultation to help you get started.

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International and commercial relations of Russia
International and commercial relations of Russia


Challenges in importing tiles from Iran

Russia annually imports a significant amount of ceramic tiles from Italy, Spain, China, and Turkey. However, Iranian tiles have several advantages over their competitors, such as low cost, high quality, and appealing designs that are popular in Russia. Moreover, their proximity to Russia allows for faster delivery times, reducing transportation costs. Despite the profitable and competitive nature of exporting tiles from Iran to Russia, there are still challenges in this field.


quality control
Quality Control


Quality control is highly valued in the Russian market. When importing ceramic tiles to Russia, the marketing team must conduct thorough research on the needs of Russian customers. They must then market the products in a way that satisfies these needs.


Customs discount in Russia as a greate advantage for Iranian tile merchants

Iranian tile products are known for their high quality and long life, making them a popular choice in the Russian market. Customs discounts in the export of tiles to Russia further increase the competitiveness of Iranian products in this market. This discount reduces import costs, making Iranian products more competitively priced than other products, which results in increased demand.

Another advantage of the customs discount is an increase in export volume. Tile traders can increase their export volume due to the reduction of import costs, which allows them to take a larger share of the Russian market.

Overall, the customs discount in the export of tiles to Russia has many benefits, including reduced import costs, increased competitiveness of Iranian products, and increased volume of exports. To make the most of this advantage, it is necessary to form a professional marketing team and carefully study the Russian market.


List of ports and customs of Iran
Ports and Customs of Iran


Conclusion: Unlocking Lucrative Export Opportunities

Exporting tiles to Russia can be a profitable market for both parties involved. To be successful in this export, it is crucial to find the right supplier and establish communication with the top producers. In addition, the customs discount offered for exporting tiles to Russia makes Iranian products more competitively priced than other products, leading to an increase in demand for them. Therefore, traders can benefit from this lucrative market by using these strategies and solutions to import ceramic tiles to Russia successfully.


As a supplier of Iranian ceramic tiles with over ten years of experience, we at Araz Tile can serve as a communication link between you and more than 30 top manufacturers in Iran. Click here to receive a free consultation and price inquiry or just send your email by the form below.


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