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Exporting Tiles from Iran to Turkey

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Exporting tiles from Iran to Turkey is a crucial commercial activity that can contribute to the growth of the ceramic tile industry in both countries. Iran is one of the world’s largest producers of ceramic tiles, while Turkey is among the significant markets for exporting these products. However, the export of tiles from Iran to Turkey faces challenges due to restrictions, such as sanctions and market competition. Nevertheless, despite these obstacles, importing tiles from Iran to Turkey can still be a compelling business opportunity, given the high quality of tiles and ceramics produced in Iran and Turkey’s demand for these products.

If you’re an importer or buyer of Iranian tiles and would like to learn more about the Iranian tile market and the conditions for exporting tiles from Iran to Turkey, keep reading the rest of the article.


Trade fields between Iran and Turkey

Iran has been exporting various goods to Turkey in recent years. These include petroleum products, petrochemical derivatives, food items such as almonds, walnuts, sugar, fresh watermelon, construction equipment, especially ceramic tiles, and detergents and sanitary materials. Iran has obtained customs discounts from Turkey, which has made it focus more on exporting its products to Turkey. The Turkish government has mostly provided these discounts for agricultural products.

It is advantageous for Iran to export goods such as petrochemicals, polymers, cement, dry fruits, food, and construction products to Turkey. In 2009, the trade volume between the two countries was about $5.7 billion. Still, it rose to $16 billion in 2012 and $18 billion in 2014, indicating a steady trade growth. As Turkey is close to Iran and the two countries have good relations, many traders have a strong presence in the Turkish market. In 2016, Iran exported tiles worth $3.244 billion to Turkey, accounting for only 0.04% of Iran’s total tile and ceramic exports. Therefore, this field has a significant opportunity for growth and profitability.


Why is it profitable to import tiles to Turkey?

Turkey has made significant economic and trade progress in the last decade, making its market suitable for importing industrial materials such as tiles and ceramics. Due to the development of infrastructure and construction in this market, the need for ceramic tiles is felt more than ever. Turkey is located in the neighborhoods of Greece and Cyprus. With 84 million people, it is one of the most populous countries in the region. As a result, the market of this country is suitable for domestic use of ceramic tiles or even for export to neighboring countries.

Export to Türkiye
Export to Türkiye


Guide to exporting tiles from Iran to Türkiye

To import ceramic tiles to Turkey, you must know their conditions and guidelines. The following tips will guide you through the process:

  1. Identify suitable producers and factories of Iranian tiles.
  2. Learn how to trade and place an order. Check prices and enter into a deal that suits your budget.
  3. Obtain the necessary permits for exporting ceramic and tile products to Turkey. To do this, visit customs companies. Pay attention to the goods required in the domestic market and industry, as they are decisive in obtaining export licenses.
  4. Complete the form and pay the fee after checking the rules related to customs fees.
  5. After receiving the payment, the transit officer delivers the cargo of ceramic tiles to the customer and unloads it at the agreed place.

Additionally, it’s essential to be familiar with the Turkish market and people’s tastes to choose the right design and size.


A reliable supplier will assist you with importing and exporting procedures, making the process hassle-free. They have strong connections with top manufacturers and can prepare all orders in the shortest possible time without compromising on quality. 


The supplier is also responsible for handling legal and customs procedures and will send your cargo through the most appropriate route. You don’t need to be physically present at the point of purchase, as the supplier will take care of everything.

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What are Turkish people’s favorite ceramic tiles?

Some popular tiles and ceramics in Turkey include flower and bush designs, art designs, modern and traditional designs, blue and white tiles, patterned porcelain tiles, and rustic tiles. They come in sizes of 60×60, 120×20, and 120×60.


Turkish people's favorite ceramic tiles
Turkish people’s favorite ceramic tiles


Export statistics of ceramic tiles from Iran to Türkiye

  1. Year2017: 249 million dollar
  2. Year2018: 227 million dollar
  3. Year2019: 207 million dollar
  4. Year2020: 189 million dollar
  5. Year2021: 198 million dollar


What are the methods of communication for export between Iran and Turkey?

Iran and Turkey share strong trade relations, facilitating the exchange of various goods and services between the two countries. For Iranian exports to Turkey, several communication channels are available, including:

– Ground: Export via road and transit is possible since Iran and Turkey share borders.

– Railway: The railway lines of Iran and Turkey are interconnected, providing another convenient option for exports.

– Sea: The ports of Iran and Turkey are linked, making it ideal for exporting heavy and large goods such as raw materials and machinery.

– Air: Direct flights between Iran and Turkey are available, making this option ideal for shipping goods that require fast transport.


List of ports and customs of Iran
Ports and Customs of Iran



Turkey is a suitable destination for exporting tiles from Iran. Due to its developing economy, high population, and growing infrastructure, there is a high demand for ceramic tiles in the country. To successfully import ceramic tiles, knowing the regulations and requirements discussed in the guide above is essential. It is also important to note that an Iranian tile supplier can be extremely helpful in this process. For a free consultation, please feel free to contact us.

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