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Iranian tiles price in Pakistan

Iranian tiles price in Pakistan
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Iran is known for the variety and high quality of its tile and ceramic products. Many countries choose Iran as the origin of their tile imports. Meanwhile, Pakistan is one of the countries that import tiles from Iran. Naturally, one of the most important conditions considered by the importer is the price. The product’s price is very important for traders in countries like Pakistan or India.

This article will provide general guidance on how to import tiles from Iran to Pakistan and the price of Iranian tiles in Pakistan.

Iranian Tile's design and beauty

Getting to know Iranian tiles

As we said, Iranian tile is one of the best choices for importing, but why? What unique features have made Iranian tiles one of the main import options? Some of these features will be described below.

  • Very high quality.
  • Low price.
  • Using high-quality primary resources and up-to-date machines in production.
  • Shipping with easy conditions as a result of developed infrastructure in transportation due to Iran’s geographical location (surrounded by 15 land and sea neighbors, as a profitable transit route in both north-south and east-west directions)

Iranian tiles price in Pakistan

The price of Iranian tiles varies depending on their type. The three popular types of Iranian tiles with many fans in Pakistan are ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone, the price of which ranges from 800 to 1200 rupees per square meter in Pakistan.

Compare the price of Iranian tiles Vs. other countries

Many countries export ceramic tiles to Pakistan. The biggest exporters of ceramic tiles to Pakistan are Iran, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Spain. Meanwhile, as a buyer or importer, it is important to check the tiles in terms of quality, affordability, and reliable shipping.

Regarding price, Iranian tiles are one of the most economical options for you, whose quality and strength can compete with the best models in the world.

To inquire about the wholesale price of Iranian tiles for exporting, you can contact us through various communication methods available on the site.

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The easiest way to import tiles from Iran to Pakistan

You may have some questions after checking and choosing Iranian tiles design to buy. Where to find Iranian tiles at the best price? How to ensure the quality and guarantee of the purchased tile? What are the conditions and legal procedures for importing tiles from Iran? Read More: The Complete Guide to Import Tiles from Iran

The easiest way to import tiles from Iran to Pakistan

Communicating with the supplier is very important to find answers to your questions and have a successful and cost-effective shopping experience. Regardless of the supplier, your concerns will be resolved, and you will have a secure relationship and transaction with the manufacturer.

Communication with the Iranian tile supplier

Iran’s tile market is large and diverse, with hundreds and thousands of products in every price and quality range. Importers must know where to buy Iranian tiles that offer the best prices. To know this, you will need an Iranian tile supplier. The supplier is your bridge of communication with the top Iranian tile manufacturers and will quickly prepare and send all your orders in bulk.

The Iranian supplier also goes through the required legal procedures and provides you with the possibility of fast shipping. You can receive your destination without worry or any additional costs. For more information about the advantages of the supplier, you can refer to the article on choosing the best Iranian tile supplier.

As an experienced Iranian supplier, we at Araz Trading have provided you with the best purchase and shipping conditions. If you need a free consultation, contact us.

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