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Aria Tile, also known as Aria Granite, comprises three vast collections: Caspian Seram, Aria Glaze Meybod, and EMG Tiles Atashkandaz. Currently, this industrial group has over 1,000 direct personnel, dozens of contractors, several raw material suppliers, and an extensive sales network. As a result, it stands out as one of the most reliable and long-standing members of the tile and ceramic industry in the country. With over 30 years of valuable experience, Ehsan Aria Granite has utilized all of its expertise and know-how to produce high-quality products. With the inception of the Tashkent factory project, Aria Ceram has ventured into the large market of exports as well.

Ehsan Aria Tile is the first company in Iran to produce Monoporous wall tiles and technical granite. The company is not limited to ceramic tile production but also operates in the field of tile raw materials production. For instance, Ehsan Aria Group pioneered the production of granules using the powder coating method and zirconium silicate production.

Aria Tile’s products

Aria Meybod specializes in producing high-quality ceramic tiles for walls and floors, using advanced equipment and modern technologies. Their products come in different designs and colors and can be customized to different sizes. The company exports its products to various countries

Bulk Purchasing from Aria Tile

Aria Tile’s products are manufactured using the best technology available in the world, making them competitive with similar products worldwide. As a supplier of Iranian tiles, Araz Tile offers you the opportunity to easily purchase and order all types of tiles directly from the factory at the most reasonable prices. You can order any design and size you require in bulk from Aria Tile through Araz Tile and receive your order promptly. To obtain more detailed information about Aria Ceram’s products and conditions, please get in touch with Araz Tile’s experts.

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