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Brick Look Tiles

Brick-look tile is a type of tile that is designed and colored in the pattern of bricks. This type of tile is widely used in interior and exterior decoration of buildings and is highly popular. Its warm and appealing design makes it suitable for various environments and tastes.

To purchase this type of tile in bulk, you can proceed through the website. In the following, we will familiarize you with some useful points regarding “Brick look tile.”

Important points to consider when buying “Brick look tile”:

Tile size: The size of the tile is crucial when purchasing tiles. You should choose the size that meets your needs for covering the desired surface.

Design and color: You might think that brick look tile only exists in one type, but various options are available for different tastes and decorations.

Tile material: The material tile is an important factor in selecting the desired product. You can choose from different materials depending on the application and installation location.

Washability: Besides considering the material, paying attention to washability is essential. This feature is particularly important in busy environments and open spaces.

Installability: When buying brick-look tile, consider its ease of installation. Choosing an option that can be installed easily and with minimal cost is better.

Price: Finally, the price of the tile is also crucial. You should select an option that suits your budget.

Types of brick look tile:

Brick-look tile is produced in various types, including simple, dark, light, textured, and more. This type of tile can also be manufactured in different dimensions and shapes, such as rectangular and square.

White brick look tile: This type of brick tile is produced with white color, a smooth texture, and no specific pattern.

Red brick look tile: red brick patterned tile is one of the popular types used in recreational places and kitchen decorations.

Traditional brick look tile: This type is produced with various patterns and shapes and closely resembles a traditional brick.

Raw brick look tile: Raw brick patterned tile is produced with a dark brown color and a raw texture. It is commonly used in old textures and traditional decorations.

Wood brick look tile: Wood brick tile is produced with wood-like patterns and shapes closely resembling wood.

Bulk purchase of “Iranian Brick Look Tile”:

When purchasing “Brick look tile” in bulk from Iran, you will not encounter difficulties sourcing and selecting the products. At ArazTajarat, as a supplier of Iranian tile from top Iranian manufacturers, we provide various designs and sizes of “Iranian Brick Look Tile” for you. Furthermore, if you have a specific design, we can produce it in bulk with the best quality and reasonable cost, delivering it to your destination.