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Cement Look Tiles

In the past, cement has been one of the main materials in covering and insulating buildings. This material is highly resistant to pressure, heat, and humidity and can be used in closed and open environments. Also, the cement is neutral and can match all kinds of decorations. But cement tile also has limitations. High-weight and limited designs are among these. But tile designers and manufacturers started the production of tiles with cement look to benefit from the special appearance of cement tiles in the design of decoration and even the facade of the building.

The advantages of cement look tiles

  1. Easy to match with all kinds of decorations
  2. A superior alternative to cement tiles
  3. It has a luxurious and attractive appearance

Types of cement look tiles

Cement design tile is a tile with a minimal style, despite its high durability and strength. Among these types, we can mention plain, colored, two-colored, decorative, and three-dimensional cement-look tiles. Ceramics with a cement and clay look and cement and granite look are also types of cement-look tiles with their fans.

Wholesale purchase of cement tiles

As we have read, Iranian tile is a complete set of resistance, beauty, and simplicity. This ability and various patterns and sizes in cement look tile have made this type of tile a suitable option for interior and exterior decoration of buildings. Also, the reasonable price of cement look tiles compared to other types is one of the most important reasons for the demand and popularity of these tiles.

At Araz Tejarat, as a supplier of Iranian tiles, we can provide all the designs and sizes you request at an appropriate price. You can enter the page of your requested product and receive your requested tile information and price inquiry by placing an order.