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Decorative Tiles

Decorative tile is one of the types of tiles with a decorative purpose, usually used to beautify the kitchen, bathroom, and living room space. You can usually see these tiles in the space between the cabinets or as a separator of two different tile colors. Also, these tiles are used in the interior columns of the reception hall and kitchen. Using decorative tiles in saunas, lobbies, and bathrooms is very common. Using decorative tiles, you can create a very attractive look to the environment and make your arrangement more beautiful.

A wide range of designs and colors in decorative tiles make it easy to match them with layouts and decorations. These types of tiles are usually presented with one or more designs to be used as a complement to the main design arrangement.

Types of decorative tiles

This type of tile is usually presented in two sizes, 30×90 and 30×60, and they are used for walls. Many other sizes and designs, such as rustic, Four-match, and slabs in decorative tiles, are used depending on the place and decoration arrangement.

Decorative tiles give a unique beauty to the space; they are easy to install and can be installed in diagonal, smooth, and curved ways.

Wholesale purchase of decorative tiles

Decorative tiles are available in various designs and colors, and you have many options. When buying, you can choose the tile you want according to your customer’s taste and needs and order in bulk. It is interesting to know that it is possible to order additional designs separately, and you do not need to order from all designs. As a supplier of Iranian tiles, we will prepare your bulk order of decorative tiles from the best Iranian tile manufacturer and deliver them to your destination as soon as possible. If you have a specific design, there is also the possibility of customization. Contact us for more information.

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