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Eefa Ceram

Eefa Ceram Company is a leading Iranian manufacturer of tiles and ceramics. They use state-of-the-art Italian equipment, experienced staff, and digital printing to create high-quality products. The application of technology, such as digital printing, allows for shorter order times and a wide range of tile designs and patterns. With extensive production lines, Eefa Ceram has a high production capacity. This allows them to manufacture floor and wall tiles in different sizes, chamfered or calibrated, and in a variety of styles. Eifa Ceram produces a range of products, including glazed ceramics, glazed porcelain, hexagonal tiles, cornices, and coating products.

Certificates in Eefa Ceram

Product standard certificate number 25 is awarded to Eefa Ceram for their third baking product that meets the incentive standard 17010. Eefa Ceram has obtained international quality and system certifications from Oxford, England, Tuo, Germany, and Equal Australia. The company has also established ISO 17025 international standards in its laboratory. 

Thanks to the high quality of its products, Eifa Ceram has gained a strong position in both domestic and international markets. Their exemplary export record to over 20 countries has earned them national recognition. Eefa Ceram’s short-term goal is to produce 110,000 square meters of tiles per day and 40,000,000 square meters per year.

Bulk purchase from Eefa Ceram

Eefa Ceram tile products are manufactured using the best technology available, making them comparable to similar products produced worldwide. As a supplier of Iranian tiles, Araz Tile offers you the opportunity to easily order and purchase Eifa Ceram tiles in any size and design at the most affordable and competitive prices. By placing an order through Araz Tile, you can get your desired design and size of Eifa Ceram tiles delivered to you in bulk and within the shortest possible time. To obtain more detailed information about Eefa Ceram’s products and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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