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Floor Tiles

Iranian floor tile is a widely used and popular product that brings you a collection of quality, resistance, and beauty. This product will give integrity and a special effect to the decoration and will have extremely strong insulation for the floor. It should be noted that traffic does not affect the resistance and quality of the tile. It is also very easy to clean the space and clean the surfaces.

Application of floor tiles

Usually, the resistance of the tile varies according to the place of use. Some tiles can be installed both on the floor and on the wall. But generally, using tiles with high moisture resistance for places like bathrooms is better. Floor tiles can usually be installed and used for home floors, bathroom or kitchen floors, and public spaces such as stores and parking lots, subways, and offices. Granite tiles with high resistance and cold colors are usually used to cover the kitchen floor. Stone tiles are produced and can be ordered for the outdoor environment exposed to many erosive factors. 

Types of floor tiles

according to the customer’s taste, different designs and shapes of the product can be prepared. Among these designs, we can mention the parquet, mosaic, and marble designs. Other different colors are also used in the floor tiles. But usually, white, cream, and gray colors are the most popular and suitable for floor covering.

Wholesale purchase of Iranian floor tiles

Araz Tile, as a tile supplier in Iran, can quickly provide tiles from reputable brands with any design and size at a very reasonable price for you. Our commitment is to deliver your order quickly and with the best shipping method. Also, if you have a special design, we can produce it in bulk, with the best quality and the most reasonable cost, and deliver it to you at your destination.

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