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Glossy Tiles

Glossy tile is a type of tile with glaze and Glossy surface. In addition to their beautiful and luxurious appearance, these tiles are practical and used in various spaces, such as kitchen floors, walls, and bathrooms. Glossy tile has a stunning appearance and is highly popular among all types of glazes due to its attractive appearance.

All kinds of Glossy tiles

Glossy tiles have a high light reflection and make the spaces look bigger. The amount of this effect and shininess in the three glossy tiles differs.

Normal glossy tile

This tile has less light reflection, less slippage, and a lower price than the other two types. Normal glossy tiles are mostly used for floor covering.

Polished tile

This tile has a higher light reflection than normal tile and is usually made of porcelain or granite.

Super polished tile

This type of tile has a high-light reflection and looks like a mirror. Also, the resistance of this type against scratches and impact is much higher than the previous two types.

Glossy tile features

  • Light reflection and high shininess
  • Creating a luxury space
  • Making the room look much bigger due to the reflection of light in the environment
  • More slippery than other tiles

Wholesale purchase of glossy tiles

Contact us if you want to buy any design and size of Glossy tiles. Buying glossy tiles in bulk is possible, with easy purchase conditions and fast delivery. As a supplier of Iranian tiles, we will procure all types of tiles you request from the best Iranian tile manufacturers and deliver them to your destination.

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