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Kavir Yazd Tile is a highly renowned ceramic tile production company in Iran, known for its various designs and competitive quality. They maintain strict control over the production of raw materials and conduct tests throughout the production process to ensure that their tiles meet the highest international standards. As a result, Kavir Yazd produces tiles that are of superior quality compared to competitors in the market.

Kavir Yazd products

Kavir Yazd produces ceramic tile products using modern technology, in various sizes and popular designs. They specialize in floor tile production in different dimensions and are unique in their field. The use of the best raw materials and beautiful up-to-date designs have created a great reception for Kavir Yazd products in both interior and exterior markets for ceramic tiles.

Kavir Yazd produces glazed porcelain tiles, granite tiles, and natural stone, making it one of the major producers in Iran. You can easily see their range of products in terms of design, color, and place of use.

Bulk purchase from Kashi Kavir Yazd

At Kavir Yazd, we use the best technology available to produce our products, making them capable of competing with similar products globally. Araz Tile, one of the leading suppliers of Iranian tiles, offers you the convenience of ordering and purchasing various kinds of tiles directly from the factory at the most reasonable prices. With Araz Tile, you can place orders for Kavir Yazd tiles in bulk, specifying the desired design and size, and have them delivered in the shortest possible time. If you need more detailed information about Kavir Yazd’s products and conditions, our experts at Araz Tile are always available to assist you.

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