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Kitchen Tiles

The kitchen tile is one of the most important parts of the home, which is very important to create beauty and harmony in the decoration. Also, since the kitchen space is exposed to various pollutions, there is a need for a layer that can easily clean. In addition to its beauty, Iranian kitchen tiles have high strength and durability against washing. Easy cleaning and waterproofness increase the practicality of this type of tile.

Application of kitchen tiles

Kitchen tiles are used to beautify and insulate kitchen walls and floors. In general, tiles are divided into two categories: floor tiles and wall tiles. These two types are resistant to pressure, shock, and slip and have differentiating features according to their location. Usually, for kitchen floor tiles, wear resistance and high weight-bearing are important. While for wall tiles, decorative aspects, and resistance to chemicals such as oil are usually more important. Regarding the choice of tile design for the kitchen, a uniform design is mostly chosen for the kitchen floor, and colored and patterned types are used for the wall behind the gas stove and the dishwasher.

Types of kitchen tiles

Kitchen wall tiles are usually produced in different dimensions. Usually, large sizes are used for walls and floors, and smaller sizes are used for designing the view between the cabinets or behind the sink. Of course, it is possible to use all these types and design the arrangement according to the customer’s taste. Patterned and embossed tiles are also types of kitchen wall tiles.

The kitchen tiles’ materials include stone, ceramic, and porcelain, which can be prepared according to the place of use.

Wholesale purchase of Iranian kitchen tiles

Kitchen tiles are one of the most widely used and popular Iranian tiles, which can be purchased in bulk. To meet the needs of our customers in kitchen decoration design, you can ask us for all types and sizes of tiles. As a tiles supplier from Iran’s leading brands, we can quickly and easily provide tiles from any brand. Also, if you have a specific design and size , we can produce it in bulk, with the best quality and the most reasonable cost, and deliver it to you at your destination.