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Living Room Tiles

Living room tiles are one of the most important elements of interior decoration used to embellish and beautify the living room area. These types of tiles are produced in various designs, colors, and dimensions and are used according to the taste and style of decoration.

By using tiles in your living room, you will complete the decoration design and benefit from their practical and insulating advantages.

Types of Living room Tiles

  • Wall Tiles for living room.

The living room hall is one of the most crucial parts of the decoration, having more visibility than other sections. The wall is a more emphasized part within the living room hall that usually receives more attention. Multiple options are available for designing the living room wall, but using wall tiles will be one of the best choices for decorating and insulating your living room area. This product will free you to create attractive patterns and unique decorations. For example, if you are interested in materials like wood, stone, or glass but cannot install them, you can opt for ceramic tiles with wood or glass patterns or any other desired design for your room walls.

  • Floor Tiles for living room.

Floor tiles are another type used in living room areas, with a significant role in beautifying, insulating, and unifying your decoration. Among the floor tiles used for the living room, large-sized tiles have become one of the primary choices. These ceramics are highly popular due to their ability to create a spacious effect, making the environment more inviting. Large-sized tiles are suitable for large and small spaces as they give a more open and luxurious feel. On the other hand, small and miniature floor tiles are available for specific tastes. If you need any size and design of floor tiles for the living room, you can view the floor tile category.

  • Glossy tiles for living room.

Glossy tiles will give a remarkable look to your living room area. You can create a luxurious and stunning space by choosing the right glossy floor tiles with matching designs and colors for your decoration.

  • Matte tiles for living room.

Using matte tiles for the living room can create a simple and tranquil atmosphere. Additionally, matte tiles add a touch of luxury to the living room. Remember that it is better to replace matte tiles with glossy ones in smaller living room areas.

Tips on buying living room tiles.

Living room tiles come in two types: wall tiles and floor tiles. By choosing appropriate designs and sizes, you can enhance the charm of the living room area. One crucial factor to consider is the amount of light in the space and the dimensions of the hall. It is evident that in small rooms, bright and glossy tiles will make the space appear larger and more open. However, intricate designs are not recommended for decorating small living rooms. Conversely, you can opt for captivating designs like four-match in larger spaces to create a majestic and impressive ambiance.

Bulk Purchase of tiles for Living room.

A wide variety of living room tiles are available in various sizes and designs. When making bulk purchases, consider your customers’ needs and requests. At Aras Trade, as an Iranian tile supplier, we provide all your requested designs and sizes of tiles from the best and top Iranian ceramic tile manufacturers and deliver them to your destination in bulk.

Easy purchasing conditions and the possibility of customizing your desired designs and bulk production are advantages offered by our team. Click to contact us and get a free consultation.