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Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile is produced using the latest technology in the tile industry and is very popular among all types of tiles. This tile is a combination of compressed clay with other natural materials, which is fired at much higher temperatures than ceramics. Porcelain tile has undergone two firing stages and is much stronger than other tiles. Water absorption in porcelain is almost zero; nevertheless, it is very useful for installation in various environments.

Porcelain tile features

In general, porcelain tiles are the same thickness as ceramic but weigh more. Also, porcelain tiles are available in more diverse shapes and models. Among the unique features of porcelain tiles, the following can be mentioned.

  • Low water absorption to less than 0.1% and frost resistance
  • High chemical resistance (detergents and cleaners of acids and bases)
  • Stain resistance
  • Long life and high shine
  • Colour stability against sunlight
  • The possibility of producing various designs and patterns

Wholesale purchase of porcelain tiles

Porcelain tile is one of the modern and high-quality tiles produced in Iran by modern technology and with the best raw materials. Iranian porcelain tile is one of the best porcelain tiles that has many fans in the world markets. For bulk purchase of Iranian porcelain tiles and access to all designs and various sizes of this tile, contact us. As a supplier of Iranian tiles, we will prepare your order from the best Iranian tile manufacturers and deliver it to your destination.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which is better, porcelain or ceramic tile?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are both hard and resistant materials, but they have different characteristics. Porcelain tile is fired under higher pressure, which makes it more resistant to impact and breaking. It is also waterproof, making it suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

On the other hand, ceramic tile is less expensive than porcelain, but it has limited use in wet areas. Therefore, the choice between porcelain and ceramic tiles depends on the intended use, location, and budget.

  • What is porcelain tile better for?

Porcelain tile is a highly popular type of tile due to its many advantages. It can be used for various applications such as flooring, wall covering, outdoor spaces, and parking. This type of tile is known for its resistance to scratches, low permeability to water, and antibacterial and non-flammable properties.

  • What is porcelain tile flooring?

Porcelain tile flooring is a premium type of tile flooring that is crafted using high-quality materials. During the manufacturing process, various materials, including clay, are exposed to high temperatures. Porcelain tile flooring is ideal for both indoor and outdoor flooring and wall covering due to its exceptional resistance, stunning appearance, and durability against scratches, impact, and heat.

  • What is the difference between porcelain tiles and normal tiles?

Porcelain tiles and ordinary or ceramic tiles differ in the way they are made. While both are made from clay, porcelain tiles are made from more refined clay and are baked at higher temperatures. This makes porcelain tiles more durable and stronger than ceramic tiles. For more information you can read our article “difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles

  • Is porcelain tile waterproof?

Porcelain tile has a high resistance to water and moisture penetration due to its two-stage firing process and use of refined clay. However, it is not completely waterproof.


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