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Matte Tiles

Matt or Matte tile is one of the popular types of tiles due to its matte glaze, which offers various features and advantages. Different types of these tiles can be used in different spaces and for decoration purposes. However, using tiles with a matte glaze has certain considerations that will help you design suitable decorations. Join us as we explore the advantages of this popular glaze.

Advantages of using matte Tiles in Decoration:

  • Matt tiles create an attractive and unique effect in spaces, especially when combined with other glazes, such as glossy tiles, resulting in special designs.
  • Matt tiles show fewer stains and dirt and are less prone to attracting contaminants.
  • Due to their non-glossy surface, matt tiles suit high-traffic and busy areas such as parking lots, shops, and open spaces.
  • Matt tiles have good resistance against grease, dust, and dirt, making them highly practical for industrial environments like factories and workshops.
  • Matt tiles have less slipperiness compared to other types of tiles.
  • Please note that matt tiles may not be suitable for smaller spaces as they can make the environment feel cramped and dark.

Wholesale Purchase of Iranian Matte Tiles:

Matte tiles are among the preferred choices of designers and can adapt to various decorations and designs. The variety of colors and patterns in these tiles is one of the advantages of purchasing them. You can browse the Iranian matt tile category and explore all the desired tiles.

At Araz Trading, as your supplier, we can provide you with any quantity of matt tiles from the top Iranian manufacturers and deliver them to your destination. Contact us for a free consultation.