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Mosaic tiles

Mosaic is one of the most popular flooring materials, especially in outdoor spaces. Mosaic tiles are inspired by the diversity and beauty of this material, and besides having the practical features of mosaics, they are easy to install and maintain. Mosaic design ceramic tiles, stone look tiles, colored glass tiles, and mosaic design porcelain tiles are some of the types of mosaic design tiles, each having unique features suitable for different spaces.

Using mosaic pattern tiles adds a captivating beauty to the space. Using these tiles in outdoor spaces and places like parking lots enhances environmental coherence and create a modern and beautiful atmosphere. Different patterns and colors used in mosaic design tiles allow you to execute any creative design.

Types of Mosaic design tiles

Mosaic design tiles are usually produced in various geometric shapes. The special cuts in these shapes make installation and pattern formation easier. The rectangular shape is one of the most common shapes for designing mosaic pattern tiles. There are also various square and hexagonal shapes of mosaic pattern tiles for those who prefer something unique and special for their layouts.

In other types, cutting and resizing the tiles while installing them will disrupt the overall pattern and make the arrangement difficult. Interestingly, despite the possibility of cutting the mosaic design tiles, you can use tiles of different sizes without disrupting their design.

Wholesale Purchase of Mosaic design tiles

This collection has various patterns and sizes of mosaic design tiles. The possibility of bulk ordering all these designs and sizes is available. Furthermore, customization and bulk production are available if you have a specific design. At Araz Trading, as your Iranian tile supplier, we source all requested Iranian tiles from the best tile manufacturers and deliver them to your destination. Contact us for a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is meant by mosaic tiles?

Mosaic tiles are small pieces used to create patterns and images on floors, walls, and artwork.

  • What kind of tile is mosaic?

Mosaic tiles are created by arranging small pieces of tiles in a pattern using adhesive and backing sheets.

  • What is the difference between mosaic and porcelain tiles?

Mosaic tiles are small and made of glass, ceramic, or natural stone, while porcelain tiles are larger and more durable, made of dense clay. Mosaic look tiles are often installed on mesh backing and come in various colors and patterns. Porcelain tiles are highly resistant to water and wear and are available in different sizes, colors, and designs. In summary, mosaic tiles are smaller and less durable than porcelain tiles, which are larger and more robust due to their dense clay composition.

  • Are mosaics and tiles the same?

Tiles are flat and uniform pieces used to cover floors, walls, or ceilings. They come in square or rectangular shapes and have a regular pattern or design. On the other hand, mosaics are decorative artworks made by arranging smaller pieces of materials creating intricate patterns or images. While tiles can be used to create mosaics, the two are not the same.

  • Why use mosaic tiles?

Mosaic tiles are popular for their intricate designs, durability, and ease of maintenance. They can be made from various materials and arranged in different patterns to create a stunning effect. Mosaic tiles are versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors in wet or dry environments. They have been a popular choice for centuries, from ancient ruins to modern spaces.

  • Is the mosaic glass or ceramic?

Mosaics are artworks made by assembling small pieces of different materials, such as glass and ceramic. While glass was traditionally used to create mosaics, ceramics are now also a popular choice. The specific materials used for a mosaic depend on the desired result or project.

  • What are the 3 main types of mosaics?
  1. Regular mosaic: This type of mosaic consists of small, identical, and square pieces that are arranged in an orderly manner.
  2. Irregular mosaic: This type of mosaic consists of pieces of different shapes and sizes to create a design. Irregular mosaics encourage more creativity and can be used to create organic shapes and designs.
  3. Micro mosaic: Micro mosaic is a type of mosaic that is made up of very small pieces.
  • Why is this product called mosaic?

  Mosaics were first discovered in ancient Mesopotamia during the 3rd millennium BC, where small pieces of tiles were found in a temple. In ancient Rome, mosaics were used as floor decorations in both public and private buildings. The term “mosaic” was later applied to describe any decoration made of small colored pieces of stone, glass, ceramic, or other materials. Even today, the term “mosaic” continues to be used as a description for this type of artwork.

  • Are mosaics and ceramics the same?

Mosaic and ceramic are not the same. Ceramics are made from clay and are used for floors, walls, and surfaces. Mosaic is a decorative technique that arranges small pieces of tile or glass into a pattern or design. Mosaic tiles can be made from ceramic, but ceramics are not mosaics.

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