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Naz Ceram

Naz Ceram Tile is a renowned tile and ceramic manufacturer in Iran. Established in 1375, the company offers a wide variety of high-quality tiles in beautiful designs. As one of the largest tile manufacturers in Iran, they use advanced devices and modern technology to produce its products. Naz Ceram Meibod commenced operations on March 21, 2015. Prior to this, the company’s managers and founders had extensive experience in the industry. By equipping the latest Italian machines from SACMI, including high-powered presses and digital printing machines, they can compete with the world’s best examples.

Activities of Naz Ceram Company

Naz Ceram produces tiles and ceramics that come in a variety of sizes and designs inspired by Iranian art and nature. The factory has a daily production capacity of 18,000 square meters of tiles. One of the company’s achievements was the unveiling of the largest red body tile with dimensions of 70 x 140 at the 15th Tehran International Tile and Ceramic Exhibition. In 1995, NazCeram changed its policy, transitioning from red body products to white body and eventually to porcelain and polished porcelain. With the advent of new digital devices, the company has been able to produce special designs with various effects, such as glossy, matte, Carvin, and sugar.

Bulk purchase from Naz Ceram

Naz Ceram products are manufactured utilizing cutting-edge technology and are comparable to similar products available worldwide. As a supplier of Iranian tiles, Araz Tile offers the convenience of direct factory ordering and purchasing of all tile types at the most reasonable prices. You can easily place bulk orders for your desired designs and sizes of tiles via Araz Tile and receive them quickly. For more detailed information about products and their terms, please get in touch with Araz Tile’s experts.


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