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Outdoor Tiles

The integrity and proper design of the external appearance of the building will have a significant effect on its attractiveness and beauty. The tiles that are used on the exterior of the building or outside the building (yard, parking lot, balcony, etc.) are classified as outdoor tiles. Due to the permanent exposure of outer space to destructive and erosive factors such as wind and rain, it seems necessary to have a surface protective layer. What is better is that in the use of outdoor tiles, the beauty and effect of the environment are also added in addition to insulation.

Tips on buying outdoor tiles.

Stone materials such as travertine, slate, and marble are usually used to produce tiles that are used outdoors. Because these materials combine beauty and strength that give an eye-catching effect to the space in assorted colors, it is interesting to know that red types in outdoor tiles, usually made of terracotta, are porous and have a high percentage of water absorption. For this reason, the only use of this type is for the year’s warm seasons. As a result, considering the weather and changing seasons are also important in choosing and buying tiles.

Depending on your taste and arrangement, you can use light-colored tiles to create a summer atmosphere or dark colors for a stylish and commercial look.

Types of outdoor tiles

Outdoor tiles are available in two types: facade tiles and floor tiles. Usually, the types used in the facade and walls of the building have more variety of colors and designs. Regarding the size, the tiles for the facade are available in larger sizes. Among the types of tiles used outdoors, porcelain tiles have many fans. This type of tile has a good balance between elegance, porosity, and durability, and with its resistance to heat and cold, it is suitable for every season. Baking at higher temperatures and making from clay are the steps that are taken to make Iranian tiles so that the final product is hard and strong and has a beautiful appearance.

Wholesale purchase of Iranian outdoor tiles

Iranian outdoor tile has one of the most popular export markets. In this case, the easy and quick purchase of the product in bulk is an advantage you will experience when buying from Araz Tejarat. We will provide you with all types, sizes, and designs of floor and facade tiles from the best Iranian tile manufacturers. Also, if you have a specific design and size in mind, we can produce it in bulk, with the best quality and the most reasonable cost, and deliver it to you at your destination.