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Pool Tiles

Obviously, the pool tile needs higher degrees of strength and resistance and will have more diverse designs. The most important difference between pools and other tiles is that they do not absorb water and are strong against separation and fragility. These tiles are also resistant to freezing, and they will not be harmed in case of possible contractions and expansions. Pool tiles are usually used for the pool floor and wall. To test its waterproofness, you can pour a few drops of water on the back surface of the tile and see its lack of absorption compared to other tiles. If ordinary tiles are used to cover the pool, they will need to be replaced after one year.

Tips and application of pool tiles

In addition to being resistant to water absorption and erosion, Iranian pool tiles are also resistant to chemicals and acids in the pool water. Also, with the porcelain body, this resistance will be much higher. Water absorption in this type of tile is less than 0.1%, which makes it extremely resistant to freezing or thermal shock. The existence of superior designs or small sizes of tiles greatly reduces the possibility of sliding and slippery the pool floor and wall. You can also use tiles in outdoor pools without worrying about discoloration and cracking.

Pool Tiles Sizes

Types of pool tiles

Pool tiles are usually produced with a glossy glaze. And this feature helps to make the pool look bigger. 2.5 x 2.5 cm dimensions are among the most popular sizes for pool tiles, which can be prepared in various designs and colors. Iranian pool tiles are available in square, rhombus, and hexagonal designs, which can be ordered in different sizes. In choosing the shape and color of the tile, it is important to pay attention to the purpose of the design. For example, light colors make the pool look bigger and dark colors make the pool look deeper.

wholesale pool tile

As a supplier of iranian tiles from the top Iranian tile manufacturers, we at Araz Tile, can provide you with all types of tiles and designs. Despite the exemplary quality and variety of tiles we offer, you will be able to respond to the demands of your customers with different tastes. Also, if you have a specific design and size for the wholesale swimming pool tiles, we can produce it in bulk, with the best quality and the most reasonable cost, and deliver it to you at your destination.

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