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Punch Finish Tiles

The Punch finish tile series has gained popularity due to its modern design that has won over many fans. The unique and outstanding design of Punch finish tile gives it a special beauty and modernity. Even though you may confuse Punch finish tiles with rustic or sugar effect tiles at first glance, it must be said that these three types of tiles have many differences. All three are inspired by simple yet beautiful patterns that can be combined with different decors to create attractive decorations. However, the embossed surface of Punch finish tile is much smoother than the sugar effect or rustic tile. This tile can be produced in matte or glossy glazes.

Wholesale purchase of Punch finish tiles

If you’re looking for tiles with a wide range of colors and designs, then punch design tiles are a great option for you. These tiles are very popular among designers and can be matched with various decors and designs.

At ArazTile, we are an Iranian tile exporter, and we can procure any amount of punched tiles you need from the best Iranian tile manufacturer. We’ll also deliver them to your desired location. For a free consultation, please feel free to contact us.

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