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Wall Tiles

Installing wall tiles is one way to change the space’s look and create a resistant layer for the wall. In addition to creating a special beauty and decoration, this product also insulates the wall. It is also possible to install various appliances on the wall, and cleaning the space and the wall surface is very easy. Persian tiles for use in various spaces, such as kitchen, bathroom, toilet, decorative, yard, parking, and building facade tiles, are produced in compliance with quality standards.

Important tips in buying wall tiles.

In choosing the right tile for the wall, it is very important to consider the resistance level to water absorption and the quality of work. Usually, the resistance of the tile varies according to the place of use. Some tiles can be installed both on the floor and on the wall. Persian wall tiles in various designs and sizes are produced and used for kitchen walls, bathroom walls, and public spaces such as stores, subways, and offices. We need tiles with very low moisture absorption to cover the wall’s surface, especially in spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom. Usually, porcelain tiles with a very low and slow absorption percentage are suitable for this task.

Types of wall tiles

Among the types of tiles, we can mention glazed tiles, glass tiles, mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and granite tiles. In choosing the material and color of the wall tiles, it is better to pay attention to the dimensions and space of the environment. Types of tiles with smaller sizes and soft or even dark colors are used for small spaces, but tiles with large sizes and bright colors make small spaces appear larger. Size and thickness can be mentioned, among other things, that cause variation in wall tiles. Wall tiles are generally thin and come in square shapes ranging from 3 inches by 3 inches to 6 inches by 6 inches. Also, many different designs and shapes of Persian tiles can be prepared according to the customer’s taste.

Wholesale purchase of Persian wall tiles

As a tiles supplier from prominent Iranian brands, we at Araz Tile will respond to all aspects of your needs for the wholesale purchase of tiles. Despite the high quality and variety of wall tiles we offer; you can meet the demands of your customers with different tastes. Fast and easy product delivery is one of the other advantages that you will experience in cooperation with us. Also, if you need a specific design and size for any tile, we can produce it in bulk, with the best quality and the most reasonable cost, and deliver it to you at your destination.

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