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Wood Look Tiles

Wooden designs and decorations have had many fans in the past. However, wooden arrangements usually have problems such as low durability, decay, and moisture absorption, especially in humid areas. In such a situation, wood look tiles are a great option for people interested in wood decoration. The wood look tile is strong and durable in the design and image of wood. Also, wood design tiles are a good alternative to parquet types. With wood look tile, you will have beauty and durability simultaneously.

How does a wood look tile created?

Wood-look tile is usually made of ceramic and with a pattern and design of wood. The colour and shape, similar to wood, will create an attractive and natural decoration in the environment.

Wood design tiles can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces, bathrooms, staircases and public places.

Types of wood look tiles

Wood-look tiles are produced in various wood designs and colours. Brown, cream, red and orange are among the common colours in producing wood pattern tiles.

Wholesale purchase of wood look tiles

You can purchase high-quality wood look tile in bulk through Araz trading. We have made it possible to provide all the designs and sizes you requested from the best Iranian producers. Safe and easy purchase conditions and delivery to your destination will be one of the major advantages of buying from us as a supplier.