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Top Iranian Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Manufacturers

Top Iranian Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Manufacturers
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The position of ceramic tiles in industry and construction is very wide and undeniable. These products are considered the most important covering and insulation for the internal and external structures of the building. Despite the great need and wide demand, every country will need resources to produce ceramic tiles or communication ways for imports. Fortunately, Iran has one of the richest mineral resources in the world to produce various construction materials.

Looking at the history of Iranian tiles and ceramics, we realize that this country has always been one of the pioneers in producing and exporting Iranian tiles. Due to abundant resources and expert staff, along with the benefit of the world’s latest technology, Iranian tiles are produced and exported of the best quality. Iran is one of the top five countries producing tiles and ceramics, and it is in the seventh rank of exporters in the world. Stay with us to learn about Iran’s best tile manufacturers.

Top 20 Ceramic & Porcelain Tile factories in Iran

More than 150 tile and ceramic factories are active in Iran, and only one-third of their products are sold to the domestic market. The annual production of ceramic tiles in these factories is about 450 million meters. More than half of this amount is produced for export and goes to world markets. The reason for this volume of the popularity of Iranian tiles for importers is the high quality and reasonable price of the products.

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Tabriz Tiles is one of Iran’s best and oldest tile manufacturers, also known in the world markets. The headquarters of the factory is in Tabriz city. This factory has been operating since 1362, and in 1374 it officially started producing all types of porcelain and non-porcelain tiles with an infrastructure of 50 thousand meters on a land of 15 hectares. Tabriz’s tile production capacity is about 7 million square meters per year, and all products are produced with first-class equipment and modern knowledge and are designed according to the market’s needs. All kinds of floor and wall ceramic tiles, in different sizes and with various glazes, are produced in Tabriz tile factories, and most of the highest quality ones are exported to world markets. 

Tabriz Tiles
Tabriz Tiles


Another old and well-known Iranian tile brand is Takceram Tile in Isfahan. Takceram started operating in Europe in 1374, along with the pioneers of the tile industry. This brand established its position in the domestic and global market by using the latest machinery in the tile and ceramic industry and with the annual production of three million cubic meters of various types of tiles. Currently, Takceram is active in producing granite tiles and porcelain tiles in various designs and colors and has obtained several standards for its products. 

Tekceram tile
Takceram tile


Amin Tile started his activity in 2008 in Meybod. The variety of Amin Tile products is high in design and size, and you can choose the desired types. The annual production capacity of this company is 9 to 12 million square meters (according to the production size), and different types of sizes and designs can be seen in the products presented. 

Amin Tile
Amin Tile


Aras Tile Company is another tile and ceramic production complex in Isfahan, which started its activity with the investment of industry activists in 1382. This complex has a more than 3 million square meters capacity and uses modern industrial machines and modern European technology to produce wall tiles, floor ceramics, and porcelain. 

Aras Tile
Aras Tile


Atlas Tile started working in Yazd province in 1388, with a production capacity of 4.5 million cubic meters annually. This company is the first double-glazed factory in Yazd that supplies tiles with greater gloss and strength. Available sizes in Atlas products include 25×25, 25×60, 30×60, and 30×75.

This factory produces products in the rectified mode, with features such as single size and the advantage of eliminating deviation in layout, in very diverse and high-quality designs and colors; it is one of the right choices for importing tiles from Iran.

Atlas Tile
Atlas Tile


Fakhar Tiles is one of the porcelain tile manufacturers in Iran, which has four production areas, including three sites to produce ceramic tiles and one site to produce glaze.

This factory officially started working in 2016 and strives to provide optimal quality by using good management knowledge, creating a wide range of products, competitive pricing, and after-sales services. The products of this collection are among the most popular in the tile and ceramic market and have always brought customer satisfaction. 


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Fakhar Tiles
Fakhar Tiles


Goldis Tile was established in 1381 in Yazd and had an area of 4500 square meters. The high-quality conformity of Goldis Tile with similar European products has stabilized the position of Goldis Tile in the domestic and global markets. The strong point of the Goldis Tile brand is its strong distribution network and the lack of distance between the producer and the seller. 

Goldis Tile
Goldis Tile


Kavir Yazd Tile Company is one of the most popular tile factories in Iran, which produces its products using modern and up-to-date technology and employing expert staff. It supplies them to the domestic and global markets. Using high-quality raw materials and creating diverse and eye-catching designs have created many fans for Kavir Yazd tiles in the world market.

Kavir Yazd Tile Company is active in producing wall tiles, glazed porcelain, and granite tiles in addition to floor tiles. It is considered one of the largest producers in the field of ceramic and tile production in Iran. 

Kavir Yazd Tile
Kavir Yazd Tile


Marjan Tile is one of the best brands of Iranian porcelain tiles, which operates as an independent unit in producing all types of red body tiles in all types of glazed porcelain tiles, anti-acid tiles, face tiles, and ceramic tiles for parking. This brand started working in Isfahan in 1371 using modern equipment. 

Marjan Tile
Marjan Tile


Masoud Tiles started its activity 21 years ago by producing floor and wall tiles. With the motivation slogan “beyond thought”, this company manufactures and markets its products to the world market with world-class methods and continuous quality assessment.

All kinds of tiles and ceramics in the Masoud Tiles are produced in different sizes: 30×60, 50×50, 30×30, and 58×58. This brand’s products and product designs are used on floors, walls, kitchens, stairs, outdoors, and in swimming pools. 

Masoud Tiles
Masoud Tiles


Novin Ceram of Yazd started working 2013 in the Sefid Koh industrial area of Taft City. The variety of production sizes and designs in tile products are among the features and advantages of Novin Ceram that may make a choice difficult for the buyer. In this case, despite Araz Tile’s supplier presence, you will be fine with choosing the product and buying it in bulk. 

Novin Tile
Novin Tile


Pars Tile is one of the most famous brands among porcelain tile manufacturers in Iran which, due to its long history and the quality of its products, is one of the most well-known Iranian brands in the production of ceramic and glazed porcelain in Iran. Pars Tile Company was established in Alborz Industrial Town in Qazvin province and produces all kinds of porcelain tiles and ceramics with advanced equipment and machines. Quality, innovation, experience, and customer service are the four main goals of Pars Tile, and this company uses all its efforts to maintain and grow these goals. 

Pars tile
Pars tile


The head office of Rak Tile Company is in the United Arab Emirates, which has established various agencies worldwide over the years. This company is one of the best brands of ceramic tiles and a producer of all kinds of international ceramic tiles. Rak Tile has been introduced as the third-best brand in the field of ceramic products in the world. Various Rak branches are located in countries such as United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh, and Iran. 

Rak Tile
Rak Tile


Saba Tile is one of Iran’s oldest porcelain tile factories, which increased its production capacity to 300 million square meters in 1339. The construction plans in this company are based on the market demand and with modern methods, which has created a dynamic and creative atmosphere in the Saba tile factories. 

Saba Tile
Saba Tile


Semnan Tile is one of the best brands of Iranian porcelain tiles that started working in 1374. This brand is a leader in producing wall tiles, floor tiles, and third-baking ceramics and is one of the first companies to use digital printing technology in Iran. 

Semnan Tile
Semnan Tile


Sina Tiles started working in 1374 with a production capacity of 4 square meters of wall tiles.

Later and with the progress of development plans in the company, the production amount reached 8.5 million square meters in the field of porcelain tiles, floors, and decorative tiles with a significant variety. 

Sinai Tile
Sinai Tile


Sadaf Tile Company is based in the Fars province and was established in 2010. It has a production capacity of 2,800,000 square meters of tiles and ceramics. The company specializes in producing various high-quality designs of floor and body tiles in sizes 30.30, 50.50, and 60.60, which are suitable for installation in different environments. Sadaf Tile’s products meet the ISO 9001, 14000, and 18000 standards.

Sadaf Tile
Sadaf Tile


Eefa Ceram Company has been recognized as a leading export company at the national level for its quality products and customer satisfaction. The company’s production line has received a quality standard certificate from the National Institute of Standards of Iran. Additionally, it has adopted various international standards, including the ISO 13006 quality management system, the ISO 14001 environmental management system, and the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system from the European OTC Institute. Recently, Eefa Ceram has also been awarded the ISO 17025 international standard for its final product laboratory, making it a reference laboratory and partner of the Standard Institute in the field of quality. 

Eefa Ceram uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to produce its products, which come in various sizes and are available in both domestic and global markets.

Eefa Tiles


Sadra Ceram is a leading company in the Iranian tile industry, established in Meybod in 1388 with collective participation over an area of 150,000 square meters. They have an annual production capacity of 5 million square meters, and their products are produced using the most advanced machines in compliance with international standards. As a result, Sadra Ceram tiles are among the most popular types of Iranian tiles in the global market.

Sadra Tile


Naz Ceram Meibod started operating in the tile and ceramic industry in 2015, equipped with the latest Italian machines. Their products boast an extremely high design quality, thanks to the use of strong presses and digital printing devices, which are on par with the best examples in the world.

Naz Ceram takes pride in producing 18,000 square meters of granite daily. They offer a range of luxury designs with glossy, matte, and sugar effects.


Despite its abundant resources and mineral reserves, Iran has a special advantage in the production of construction materials and export to different countries. In this regard, Iranian ceramic and porcelain tile producers are considered one of the most important factories that export non-oil products in the country. In this article, we got acquainted with the best and most popular Iranian tile brands. All these companies have established their position and are known in the world market due to the good quality and offering of various products.

If you choose any of these brands to buy, contact our experts to assist you. We will take all the necessary steps to export your ceramic tiles and deliver the product to your destination as soon as possible.


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