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The Top Porcelain Tile Producing Countries

The Top Porcelain Tile Producing Countries
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Today, Porcelain tiles have become a very important part of the construction and decoration industry. Apart from their decorative appearance, these products play a role in insulating and maintaining the environment’s health. So, this industry includes a wide range of demands worldwide, and many manufacturers launch various products in competition.

Now it is important for you, as a consumer or an importer, to determine which country produces the best porcelain tiles. Which brand meets your needs? So, join us as we review all the top global manufacturers.

First, let’s see how porcelain is made.

Porcelain Tile Manufacturing Processes

High-quality raw materials and manufacturing equipment are very effective in making high-quality tiles. The following shows that rich countries with resources and mines are more successful in making porcelain. The steps for making porcelain tiles are as follows.

Porcelain Tile Manufacturing Processes

Porcelain Tile Manufacturing Processes

  1. Water and raw materials are mixed. Until it becomes, a sand-like consistency is obtained. Although the composition percentages of raw materials are different in different types of tiles, these raw materials generally include feldspar, clay, sand, and silica.
  2. In the next step, a dryer removes excess moisture from the mixture until the mixture reaches the perfect consistency. These steps are mandatory before the mixture is transferred to the press.
  3. In the third step, the mixture is pressed to form tiles.
  4. After the tiles are dry, the next step is to add design and color using an advanced inkjet printer.
  5. Finally, after applying the pattern, the glaze is applied to protect the tiles and beautify them.
  6. In the final firing, temperatures of 2300 degrees Celsius and 2455 degrees Celsius are applied for a longer period for strengthening.

Tile factories

Tile factories

According to Statista’s report titled “Leading ceramic tile manufacturing countries worldwide in 2022“, the world’s largest ceramic tile manufacturer country is China.

Now let’s see which country has mastered all the steps and makes the best porcelain tiles.

Italian Porcelain Tiles

Despite all the competition between the producing countries, Italy stands higher. Italian porcelain is classified as the best porcelain in the world. All investors who intend to have a good ROI and high profits choose luxury Italian porcelain. Why is Italian porcelain the best?

Naturally, this depends on the quality of the production process. Italian porcelain tile manufacturers spend much time researching and creating purposeful designs. The materials and manufacturing equipment in Italy also pass through many filters. In this case, to produce Italian porcelain tiles, they use the latest design, the engineered combination, and the highest quality raw materials.

Despite the conditions in the country, Italian producers can target the European and American markets at any time because their products are of high quality and value. The markets of Germany, France, and the United States are permanent and the main destinations of Italian tiles. In recent years, the countries of the Middle East have also been attracted to Italian tile products, and the demand in parts of the Asian continent has increased significantly due to economic development and urban expansion.

Best Italian Tile Brands:

Italian porcelain

Italian porcelain

Spanish Porcelain Tiles

Spain is also one of the leading countries in the tile and ceramic production industry, with a long history. One of the main reasons for the popularity of Spanish porcelain is the design of these tiles in attractive colors and small designs. Spanish ceramic tiles have gained world fame due to having the most diverse and brilliant colors. The history of decorative products produced in Spain, such as tiles, goes back many years and always has energy and bright colors.

Spanish wall and floor tiles are mostly resistant to stains and scratches and are very suitable for floors in high-traffic halls. In addition, Spanish porcelains are waterproof and are more suitable for bathrooms and toilets. Since these tiles are non-absorbent and easy to clean, they can also be used in kitchens. If properly cleaned and maintained, Spanish tiles are tough enough for outdoor use and can be used as patios, terraces, and other areas.

Best Spanish Tile Brands:

  • Pamesa
  • Tile peronda fs by peronda
  • Bestile
  • Harmony
  • Tile panaria borealis
  • Aparici

Spanish floor porcelain

Spanish floor porcelain

Chinese Porcelain Tiles

In this list, China has always been the world’s largest ceramic tiles producer. However, since about 5 years ago, China’s tile exports have faced a declining trend, and during this period, its production has decreased by about 300 million square meters.

China was the world leader in ceramic tile production and dominated the ceramic tile export market. Although we all consider Chinese tile products poor quality, this country also has high-quality and specially designed products.

In 1392, Chinese tile exports were carried out to more than 131 countries around the world, and in that period, Indian tile exports were limited to only 24 countries. About six years later, China exported tiles to 122 countries, and India increased its exports to 70 countries.

This means that India has followed a growing trend in the tile and ceramic market and has taken China’s previous position in many global markets. Countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are thriving markets for exporting ceramic tiles.

Best Chinese Tile Brands:

  • Dongpeng
  • Marco Polo
  • Xin Zhong Yuan

Chinese Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain floor tiles

Indian Porcelain Tiles

India’s tile industry continues to produce high-quality products with an annual growth rate of 15%, despite the overall economic decline in recent years.

In general, the Indian tile industry is divided into organized and unorganized sectors. About 14 companies are active in the organized sector. Interestingly, 60% of the Indian industry is related to the non-government sector. Also, the upward growth of the Indian economy has directly affected the expansion of the tile industry in this country.

Best Indian Tile Brands:

  • Kajaria Ceramics
  • Somany Ceramics
  • Orientbell
  • Asian Granito India Ltd
  • NITCO Limited
  • CERA india
  • Simpolo tiles
  • RAK ceramic

Indian Porcelain Tiles

Indian Porcelain Tiles

It is usually said that Iranian and Indian designs are similar in using classical designs and have a good market for artistic tiles. But the question is, how are Indian porcelain products compared to Iranian ceramic tiles?

The difference between Indian and Iranian ceramic tiles is the manufacturing process and raw materials.

In general, Indian tiles are relatively equal to Iranian ceramic tiles. But both countries seek a more active presence in the world market.

Persian tile vs Indian tile

Persian tile compared to Indian tile.

Brazilian Porcelain Tiles

The Brazilian tile and porcelain market has experienced significant growth in recent years. Due to the increase in construction and renovation, domestic sales in this country increased by more than 3.8% from 2019 to 2020. Of course, this development was wider than just the domestic market of Brazil. Brazil is one of the top 10 countries producing ceramic tiles in the world market.

The import of ceramic tiles to Brazil is very low; on the contrary, in the export field, Brazilian ceramic tiles are exported to more than 121 countries. The target market for Brazilian tiles is usually the United States, South Africa, and Latin America.

Best Brazilian Tile Brands:


Brazilian Porcelain Tiles

Brazilian Porcelain Tiles

German Porcelain Tiles

Germany has always been known for the quality and strength of its products. This feature can also be seen in German tiles and porcelain. This country is one of the world’s top producers in the tile industry, and its ceramic products are known for their high strength and durability. German porcelain manufacturers aim to provide the most reliable product for their customers.

Stone and wood designs are very popular in German porcelain. These styles are good for lovers of traditional decoration.

As a last point about German ceramic tiles, it is better to know that white clay is used in making this type of porcelain, and special and unique designs are made on it.

Best German Tile Brands:

  • Villeroy & Boch.
  • Agrob Buchtal.
  • Argelith Ceramic.
  • Porcelaingres GmbH.
  • Refratechnik Ceramics GmbH.

German Porcelain Tiles

German Porcelain Tiles

Iranian porcelain tiles

The country of Iran has been one of the activists in the Ceramic and porcelain tile industry in the past due to the existence of internal resources. The variety of designs is also very much among Iranian products. With certain policies, this country has tried to create competitive advantages and intends to enter the list of the world’s best Ceramic and porcelain tile producers.

In Iran, more than 150 well-known manufacturers are active in this industry, and more than 70% of their products are produced to export and enter the world market. By buying Iranian tiles, you will have a special design and high quality while you pay a reasonable price.

You may ask why? This reasonable price has several reasons, discussed in more detail in the article “the export of tiles from Iran“. But in general, the presence of domestic resources and lower cost of transportation and human resources are the main reasons for this advantage.

Best Iranian Tile Brands:

  • Tabriz Tile
  • Sina Tile 
  • Marjan Tile Co
  • Setareh Meybod Ceramic Tile Co 
  • Novin Ceram
  • Naz Ceram

Chek our post about the list of ” Top Iranian ceramic & porcelain tile manufacturers “.

Iranian tiles

Iranian wall tiles

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Comparing Quality, Price, and Availability

Today, all the prominent producers of the world are looking for progress and improvement of their position in the international market. For this reason, competition and creating competitive advantages is very important. By benefiting from these features and high profitability, a successful buyer goes through the process of buying and receiving in the easiest way. Iranian porcelain tile manufacturers are also trying to enter the world market as much as possible by creating potential advantages. In terms of comparison, all the reviewed countries offer high-quality products to the market due to their brilliant records and smart innovations. But in general, our suggestion to choose correctly among the types of ceramic tiles available in the world market is to choose according to the quality, price, methods, and costs of your transportation.

For example, Italian or Spanish porcelain is of good quality and has modern and beautiful designs, but they also have a very high price. Iranian tiles and ceramics have both excellent quality and reasonable prices. The quality and variety of designs in Iranian tiles can compete with the world standard.

Access and transporting goods from the country of origin is also very important. Due to the many communication routes in Iran and its strategic location in the Middle East region, it is a good option for importing and starting international transactions.

Finally, with an Iranian tile supplier, you will not have to worry about buying the product and sending it from Iran, and the whole process of buying ceramic tiles, from ordering to shipping, will be done easily for you.

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