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Find the Best Iranian Tile Supplier: A Comprehensive Guide

Find the Best Iranian Tile Supplier: A Comprehensive Guide
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Tile is among the most important materials in surface insulation and decoration design. This widely used product is produced in many industrial countries, including Iran, with various qualities and designs. When you, as a buyer or an importer, want to buy tiles from foreign countries, there are steps you must go through. Among these things are choosing a manufacturer, ordering a product, going through legal procedures, and determining shipping conditions. You may need more time and knowledge for these tasks. There are points you must follow in the transaction and selection of the manufacturer and transportation of the purchased cargo so that your purchase and import can be done efficiently.

This is where the importance of a supplier becomes clear. Choosing the right Iranian tile supplier will greatly reduce your workload for import and help speed up the process. Now the question is, how is the bulk purchase of Iranian tiles done? How to find the right supplier?

We will answer all your questions. Stay with us.

Popularity of iranian tile

Reasons for the increasing popularity of Iranian tiles:

  • Iranian tiles are very popular in the world markets. This increasing popularity results from high quality, beautiful designs, years of experience, and reasonable prices in producing these products.
  • The production of Iranian tiles is known as an old industry in Iran and has a long history in production and export.
  • Iranian tiles are produced using advanced technologies and high-quality materials. Various designs and patterns of these tiles include modern designs or traditional motifs and even hand paintings that cover all tastes.
  • In addition to design and quality, the history of Iranian tiles plays an important role in attracting the global market. This industry is known as a hereditary art in Iran, and its products are an important part of Iranian culture and identity. This factor has made Iranian tiles highly appreciated in the world market.

The target market for exporting Iranian tiles is mainly the countries of the Persian Gulf, Central Asia, Europe, and even America. In recent years, the export of Iranian tiles to the Persian Gulf countries, especially Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain, has seen a significant boom.

Therefore, the increasing popularity of Iranian tiles in the world markets results from high quality, creative designs, reasonable prices, and special export conditions. The best Iranian supplier can offer you attractive designs in different sizes and styles. After you have found the tile you want, you will have the important step of choosing the purchase method and transporting the product. This is where the importance of the right supplier of tiles becomes clear.

Many things are important in choosing a supplier, some important of which are mentioned below:

  1. Product quality: An importer needs to work with a supplier that offers products with desired quality and standard. This is especially important in construction and decoration because customers seek high-quality and popular products.
  2. Reliability: Because imports are usually in large volume, it is very important to provide proper transportation and maintain the product’s health. Therefore, choosing a reliable and experienced supplier is very important. It is also very important to ensure the company’s authenticity and the parties’ reliability before choosing a supplier. For this purpose, you can research the supplier’s former customers and the companies it cooperates with and make sure the supplier’s commitments are valid.
  3. Reasonable price: Import costs can be very high, so choosing a reasonably competitive tile supplier can save costs and increase profit margins.
  4. Variety of products: The importer needs to work with a supplier that offers a wide variety of products. This allows the importer to respond to different market needs and offer more options to their customers.


Tile industry in Iran

Iran’s tile industry is one of the country’s most important and profitable industries. Iran is one of the largest tile producers in the world, with more than centuries of experience in tile production.

Iran is known as a rich source of minerals needed for tile production. Despite the access to many special resources, Iran can produce high-quality and diverse tiles. Also, Iran’s strong influence in exports to foreign markets is another strength of Iran’s tile industry.

Tile industry in Iran

In this industry, some significant trends and innovations have improved the quality of products and brought them to the global competition stage.

  • Using advanced technologies: Tile manufacturing companies in Iran use advanced technologies such as data management, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things to improve production processes and reduce costs.
  • New designs: tile manufacturing companies in Iran use experienced and creative designers to design new tile samples. These examples include artistic, modern, and creative designs that make their products more attractive and welcome.
  • Using high-quality materials: Tile manufacturing companies in Iran use high-quality materials and international standards to improve the quality of their products. Therefore, It has increased the durability of the tiles, resistance to wear and washing, and also eliminated defects in production.


Factors to consider when choosing a tile supplier

1. Quality and variety of tiles offered

As we mentioned, a suitable supplier should be connected with many top manufacturers to get your requested product quickly and with the requested quality.

2. Production capacity and lead times

A reliable tile supplier in Iran should be able to supply any amount of tile you request in bulk. If you have a special design, the appropriate supplier can register the production order for you in the amount you requested in the best Iranian factories. The delivery time and all product export steps must be guaranteed and done as soon as possible.

3. Pricing and cost-effectiveness

All the services the supplier provides, in addition to the mentioned items, must be affordable. Cost management is very important when importing. Therefore, the best Iranian tile supplier, in addition to the mentioned items, must offer a suitable and economical price.

4. Shipping and logistics capabilities

In order to avoid wasting time and exporting tiles from Iran safely, it is necessary to have the ability to transport and provide the necessary supplies by the supplier. A suitable supplier can ship your bulk tiles through various routes and with complete logistics.


Unique selling points of Iranian tiles

A. Distinctive design and craftsmanship

Distinct design and craftsmanship in Iranian tiles means creating unique and creative designs and patterns in tiles. These designs and patterns are usually inspired by Iran’s culture, art, and nature and are made using innovative techniques in the tile industry.

It is interesting to know that the traditional types of these tiles, also known as artworks, are used in the interior decoration of buildings.

B. Use of premium materials and techniques

Premium materials and techniques in making Iranian tiles contribute to their high quality and beauty. In the following, we will mention some of the materials and techniques used in making Iranian tiles:

  • Clay: Clay is a main ingredient in making Iranian tiles. Clay makes the tile highly resistant to heat and pressure.
  • Natural colors: Using natural colors, for example, silica, kaolin, feldspar, etc., improve the attractiveness and durability of the color of the tiles.
  • Modern designs: the design and production of Iranian tiles are done according to the world’s modern methods and with competitive quality. You can find all the new patterns and designs you want with the best quality Iranian products.

C. Cultural and historical influences in tile designs

In its initial state, Iranian tiling was one of the components of wall decorations in holy places and palaces in the Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sassanid periods. For example, we can refer to the mosaics and patterns created with colored stones in the ancient city of Bishapur in Fars province. The art of carving with mosaics entered this country after the war of Shapur I with Valerian and the presence of Roman prisoners in Iran.

Although in some sources, there are signs of the tile industry in Iran before Islam, many scientific articles consider the prosperity of this art to be related to the early centuries after Islam.


How to choose the right Iranian tile supplier for your needs

– Assessing your specific requirements

The first step in choosing the right supplier is to assess your needs. You should know the conditions of buying and importing the product. Do you want to produce unique custom designs in bulk, or do you want to choose from existing designs? In each of these situations, it is important to coordinate with the manufacturer and prepare your order quickly. So the access of the tile supplier to various designs is necessary for you to have more options.

In the second place, exporting the product from Iran quickly and delivering it to the destination is one of your undeniable needs. Choose a supplier who will deliver the product perfectly to your destination besides providing the tile you want.

– Conducting thorough research on potential suppliers

You must do extensive research and review the supplier’s experience to choose the right supplier. Your supplier must be in contact with the best Iranian tile manufacturers so that they can provide and quickly produce all designs and sizes of Iranian tiles for you.

The reliability of the supplier is also important. Reasonable prices and shipping terms are other things you should pay attention to while researching.

– Reading customer reviews and testimonials

It is always important to benefit from the experiences of those around you. You can contact the previous customers of the supplier and ask about their overall satisfaction.

What are the advantages of buying ceramic tiles online compared to physical ones?

With a supplier, you can buy from the top Iranian manufacturer in your country without incurring the cost of travel and in-person presence and order. Supplying tiles in bulk and shipping them to your destination will be the supplier’s responsibility.



To access the advantages of buying from Iran’s tile market and the easy purchase and delivery terms, you will need a reliable tile supplier in Iran. Connecting with the right supplier will reduce your worries about buying high-quality Iranian tiles and save time and money. If you are in contact with the best tile supplier in Iran, you will have many options to buy the desired designs from the top Iranian manufacturer. In addition, your requested product could be produced in bulk and delivered to your destination with full security as soon as possible.

To communicate with the top manufacturers and to know the terms of placing orders, be in touch with Araz Trading as the top Iranian Tile supplier. We provide high-quality tiles, easy purchase conditions, and fast, cost-effective shipping. Send a message to know the price and receive free advice.

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  2. Porcelain tiles: Porcelain tiles are known for their durability and moisture resistance. This feature makes them suitable for high foot traffic or wet areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  3. Rustic tiles: Rustic tiles are made of natural clay and have a rustic appearance. These tiles are usually used as flooring in traditional Iranian houses or outdoor spaces.
  4. Mosaic tiles: Mosaic tiles are usually used to create complex patterns or images. These tiles are often used for decorative applications.
  5. Marble tiles: Marble usually has a luxurious look that adds elegance to any space. This type of tile is usually used for flooring, countertops, and wall cladding in luxury buildings or residential projects.

Researching and identifying the best Iranian tile supplier is very important in the first place. After checking and choosing the right supplier:

  1. Contact the supplier by email or phone to express your interest in placing an order.
  2. Provide details of the type of tile you want, including specifications such as size, color, design, and quantity.
  3. Coordinate with the supplier on shipping arrangements, including packaging preferencesshipping method (ground, air, or sea shipping), insurance coverage if needed, and estimated delivery timeframes.

There are two shipping options for international customers. Local transportation and international transportation.

In local transportation, your cargo will be sent to the border of the country of origin and will be delivered to your representative at the border.

Meanwhile, you will receive your cargo at your destination in international shipping. This type of transportation could send your cargo to any destination.

Yes, Iranian tiles are suitable for both residential and commercial projects. Iranian tiles are famous for their high quality and durability, so they have become a popular choice for various applications. These tiles are available in various designs, colors, and sizes.

There are several different ways to do this. The most important step is to buy from a reliable and experienced supplier who supplies your customized products from the best manufacturer. Look for reputable brands and manufacturers known for producing quality tiles. Read customer reviews and ratings to learn about the quality of the supplier’s work.

The average delivery time for international orders can vary depending on the destination country, selected shipping method, customs clearance processes, and unforeseen delays. However, a rough estimate for average delivery time is usually between 7 and 30 business days. It is important to note that this is only an average, and the delivery time may be shorter or longer depending on the specific circumstances of each order.


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